Palinuro (1989) photo:Claude Crommelin




> poster by A.Räim and B.Li

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Starting January 7, the foundation Living Media Art (LIMA), hosted a workshop “Conservation and Restoration of New Media Art”. Over the course of one month, students, professionals connected to LIMA, and Ellen Jansen, lecturer of Conservation and Restoration of Modern and Contemporary Art at the UvA, have researched four case studies, highlighting technological, conceptual, and art historical aspects as well as consulting several experts and the artists themselves. Finally, the students reported their conclusions in a treatment plan.
The workshop’s results has been be presented to the public on 1 February, followed by the presentation of the new book Preserving and Exhibiting Media Art: Challenges and Perspectives, edited by Julia Noordegraaf, Cosetta G. Saba, Barbara Le Maître and Vinzenz Hediger and published by Amsterdam University Press.

The four case studies were:
Chill Cave, Gerald van der Kaap (2002), LIMA collection,
Dislocations, Martijn Veldhoen (1998), LIMA collection,
Pompeï, Boris Gerrets (1989), RCE and SMA collection ,
Palinuro, Nol de Koning (1989), RCE and LIMA collection.

Palinuro has been investigated by Annika Raïm (Estonia) and Bin Li (China).  

ndk, feb 2013

> poster by Annika Räim en Bin Li, for the purpose of the presentation



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