Palinuro, video-installation (1989)

> Intro

> Relections at the stern

> (1) Inspiration

> (2) Interpretation

> (3) Interpretation and elaboration

> (4) Elaboration and the narrative gap

> The threefold bough

> Conclusion














This section of the Palinurus box provides a summary of the results and a final conclusion of the Palinurus in digital operatic shorts project in which students were creating their digital shorts through a process of translation, reworking, undoing or abandoning my video-installation Palinuro. The text of this section is almost the same as that of my presentation during the final presentation of the project at Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam, 19th June 2021. (Actually the final presentation should be part of the Opera Forward Festival '21, but because of the covid-19 perils the project started too late for that.)

The presentation was open to the public. That meant that the audience had to be informed shortly about the main issues of the Palinurus story itself and about the speculative approach by Cyril Connolly and my initial approach. For that reason half of my presentation consisted of a resume of those issues and half of the approaches during the course of the project.

The text of this section goes point by point, and is almost equal to that of my presentation slides. Each 'chapter' ends with a short video fragment, initially to make the presentation more comprehensible for the public attending the final presentation of the project. And now for the visitors of my website who are not familiair with my Palinurus project and that of the cross-departemental project.

There are four chapters: 1. Inspiration; 2. Interpreation; 3. Interpretation and elaboration and 4. Elaboration and the narrative gap. The presentation started with an introduction and ended with an epilogue.


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