Palinuro - installation 1989 (foto:C. Crommelin)


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Basic principle of my multi-channel video work is a layered image formation with:
- a panoramic landscape main image,
- a number of secondary layers of images which are interwoven with the main image.
Form and content of the main image and the secondary layers of images are inspired by (classical) litera­ture and mythology.

The landscape main images have been recorded on locations connected with the literary theme of the work.*) The secondary layers of images are for the most part images recorded from TV documentaries and newscasts.

The layered formation of the main image and the secondary images is based on a ‘pattern of timelines’, starting from certain prime numbers being derived from the metre of the present literary work. The pattern of timelines determines:
- the proportional lines for the entire composition, both the spatial arrangement and the duration of the work as a whole and the duration of its parts;
- the composition structure for the secondary images, that means for the rhythm, frequency and intensity of these images and their distribution on the different screens according to certain ‘polyphonic’ principles as fugue, mirror symmetry and inversion.

There are three secondary layers of images: that of the so-called ‘full’ mixes (images which are 100% superimposed), that of the so-called ‘sync’ mixes (images which are 100% superimposed on all tapes at the same time) and the so-called ‘sequences’ mixes (images which are mixed around 50%).

PALINURO’s  time-pattern is based on the prime numbers 13 and 17.
The landscape main image consists of a three-channel sea panorama at night in three parts:
- first part (13 minutes), sea panorama at night with revolving flashes of a lighthouse just beyond the horizon,
- second part (17 minutes), sea at a pitch-black moonless night with revolving flashes of an other lighthouse just above the horizon,
- a transitional part made up of an overlap of the first and the second part (1 minute), darkness beneath the water surface of the sea.

for more information about the work > Palinuro (Eng.summary) > Palinuro (appendix, Ned)


*) Palinuro is the only work with main images not being recorded on locations in Italy or Greece, because of the depiction of the main image: two lighthouses at night, a common seascape and a pitch-black darkness.


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